Bernese Mountain Dog
Weight: 65 Pounds
Bree is our Bernese Mountain dog. She weighs around 65 pounds and is small for her breed. Her love for her humans is as big as the largest Bernese though. She would love nothing more than to lay on you and be petted all day long.

Bernese Mountain Dog laying on grass


F1 Bernedoodle
Weight: 45 Pounds
Maddi is our first Bernedoodle that we’ve added to our program. She is fun-loving, free-spirited, and wants to please her humans. She is very smart and catches on to new tricks very quickly. She loves to go for walks and be with the other dogs.

Bernedoodle sitting on grass with a harness on


F1 Aussiedoodle
Weight: 55
Phoebe is our Aussiedoodle.  She is a blue eyed, tricolor, blue merle girl. She is a very affectionate happy puppy. Phoebe loves to learn and play with her humans.



F2B Bernedoodle
Weight:35-45 Pounds Full Grown
As soon as Poppy joined our family we loved her. She is a Merle Bernedoodle that is fully furnished. She knows she is cute and makes everyone laugh with her goofy personality. She already knows quite a few commands and is so smart. We are hoping to breed her with an Aussiedoodle and hey our famous and beautiful Australian Mountain Doodles.

Bernedoodle sitting on a bench inside with bandana on


F1 Aussiedoodle
Weight: 23 Pounds
Zoey is our apricot/cream F1 mini Aussiedoodle. She is a very smart girl and loves to spend time with her humans learning new things. She is very affectionate and loves to have her belly rubbed most of all.

Aussie doodle with a bow and bandana


Bernese Mountain Dog
Weight: 87 Pounds
Alli is our AKC Bernese Mountain Dog. She has wavy fur with beautiful markings. She is playful but gentle. She loves to go for walks & always wants to please everyone.

Bernese Mountain Dog outside during fall