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Happy puppy makes happy people

Bernedoodle in the snow by a door

Natalie Jensen

Our Australian Mountain Doodle, ROCKY is probably the best dog ever— largely due to coming from, in my opinion, the best breeder ever. We worked with Rebecca and Susan from out of state and had the best experience. We were updated throughout the process and they continued to be supportive after we brought Rocky home. Rocky is a beautiful, super smart, and amazingly tempered dog— our vet said one of the best tempered dogs he has ever worked with!!

Bernedoodle sitting by a fire place

Erik and Brittany

We stumbled upon Bernedoodles and couldn’t be happier. A local breeder gave us the news that the litter we were originally waiting on was only having one pup and as a result we would need to wait about a year for their next litter. As my wife was already three months pregnant we realized that there was a short window for us to get a dog otherwise we’d probably have to wait till the baby was grown up a bit to get a dog which could be years. We found out that Bernendoodles had a litter that met our timeline. Becky and Susan run a top-notch service. Our puppy Maisy was nearly potty trained when we got her. They also went out of their way to meet us for the drop off. We’re actually considering getting another bernedoodle in the next year or so and will only go through Susan and Becky. Can’t recommend Bernendoodles enough!!

Girl holding an aussiedoodle on the grass


We love our puppy Mera so much. She’s the sweetest ever…so loving, smart & great company. She’s very active and playful. We had a great experience getting her and have always felt supported. I highly recommend Becky and her puppies!

A sitting Bernese Mountain Dog

Gracie M.

Our not so little guy just turned a year old last month. Since the moment I adopted him from Susan, Dwight has been the one biggest joy in our lives. I have never added such an amazing, well-tempered, loving dog to our family before. Even as a small puppy, Dwight never chewed up anything and has only wanted lovins since day one. Our fur babe is so well behaved. I have never owned a dog that just wants to sit in the front yard and not want to run away. He is literally just so perfect. He came to us as a puppy, but you can tell he was so loved and cared for before our home. We love our Bernie Boy!

Women holding a Bernese Mountain Dog in a car


Susan was so wonderful to work with! I would never buy a puppy from anyone else again! She was more than willing to answer all of my many questions before and after the puppy pick-up! She really does love these dogs so much and takes such good care of the mom and babies! She made the transition easy and comfortable for us and our sweet puppy, and was even willing to meet us with the puppy so that we didn’t have such a long drive! I never expected to feel close to someone we bought a puppy from, but I truly feel like we became friends!

Women holding a Bernese Mountain Dog in a forest

Charlotte F.

Susan was absolutely wonderful and I’m so glad I found her. From day 1 she was sending updates of the pups, and would send videos and photos as they grew. You can tell she really does love each and every puppy she raises. Baloo is a wonderful dog already, and at 4 months old is a real smarty pants. Must be the genetics ;). He’s a great member of the family and I can’t imagine life without him! I will never go to another breeder, and have already referred admirers of Baloo on to her.

Bernese Mountain Dog sitting in the grass


We had such a great experience getting our sweet little Toast from Susan. She worked with us through some difficult things and made sure we got the puppy we wanted! Toast has such a wonderful temperament and is great with our almost 2yr old who plays rough. Susan breeds healthy dogs and very beautiful ones. I recommend bernendoodles to everyone who asks! Toast is such a relaxed and well-tempered girl.

Two Bernese Mountain Dogs sitting in a muddy forest

Jared and Erin Hobbs

Our pups are almost a year old now. We love them. They are so well behaved and good natured. They play great with other dogs. They sit, they stay, they listen so well and love to be trained. Although they are big and have to be trained not to jump on people, we constantly are amazed that they are technically still so young. People always comment about how good they are. We haven’t had to go through some of the puppy frustrations that you do with other breeds. They love to be loved, and they think they are lap dogs. They are a great family dog.

Bernese Mountain Dog puppy sitting in a car

Melanie & Tyler

We love our baby boy Boomer, he is a wonderful ball of energy and we could not see our life without him. He is such a good boy and everyone loves his big giant paws! Susan is a doll and wonderful breeder, great communication, and had a lovely bunch of Bernese pups! I highly recommend Susan and her lovely Bernese Mountain Dog puppies.
Our baby boy Boomer resembles his Momma Alli and starting to show the same freckles as her. ❤️

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