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Once mom is confirmed pregnant and/or puppies are born we will contact everyone in order of when they placed the $500 deposit to confirm if you wish to remain on this litter or postpone to a future one. It is important that you respond to us quickly as we need to continue to move down our list and don’t wish to have to skip you due to non-response. Your deposit is not refundable. We always have the first two picks of any litter and we hold the right to hold back or retain any puppy for any reason.
Puppy selection will take place when puppies are 5-6 weeks of age. You need to be available and ready to make your selection or you will be moved down the list so as not to hold up the process.
All planned litters are tentative as Mother Nature ultimately may decide on the timing. Females sometimes skip a heat cycle or don’t conceive, or for the health of our mothers we may decide to postpone breeding at any time.

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