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How To Prepare To Bring A New Puppy Home

A big question that almost every dog owner has asked at least once in their lifetime is, "What do I need to do in preparation for my puppy to make sure that I can give it the best life that I possibly can?" Getting a puppy can often be a large adjustment for both you and them. It can bring a large-scale amount of joy into your life but at the same time, there also tends to be a little extra chaos that follows. Don't fear though because with the correct amount of preparation and the right tools you can help your new furry family member settle right in.

Without any further ado here are the top ways to welcome a new puppy into your home:

1. Supplies

Having the correct supplies available for your furry friend is essential to a good transition to a new home. But, if you are a first-time dog owner it can tend to be a whirlwind to know what to purchase out of the millions of dog products that are at your disposal. To help this process be a little easier for you we have put together a list of our favorite must-have puppy items.

2. Get a designated area ready for your puppy

It is very important that you have a specific area prepared for your puppy in your home that they can claim as their own and it can be their "safe" area. A new environment for a puppy tends to be overbearing with all of its sights and sound. This "safe" space can commonly be inside a playpen or a crate.

It can be very important that even if you are using a playpen you have a crate inside of it that the puppy can access at all times. This is crucial in beginning the crate training process because it helps your puppy to become familiar with the crate and associate it with being a comfortable and safe place.

3. Create an eating schedule

A typical puppy will need to eat up to 2 -3 times per day. To learn how much you need to be feeding your puppy refer to the size chart on the back of your dog food bag. Another common rule to follow when figuring out how much and how often your puppy needs to eat is to refer to the breeder to know what kind of schedule your puppy has been on before it comes home with you.

4. Decide on a vet to use

Another good thing to remember before your puppy comes home is that they need a well-practiced and reliable vet for checkups and emergency visits. It would be wise to research vets in your area and ask around to find a vet with good reviews to ensure that your new puppy will get the best care that it possibly can.

5. Get familiar with puppy training

The first few months of a puppy's life are full of lots of energy and playtime. Even though it can be fun to just let your puppy play all day it is important to lay down common puppy commands such as sit, down, stay, and not to bite. To make your life easier we recommend that you learn as much about puppy training as you can before they even come through your front door. We highly recommend the training program, Baxter & Bella. You pay an upfront amount to join and then you have a lifetime subscription to all of their many courses such as potty training, basic commands, crate training, and much more. Use the code BERNENDOODLES25 today for 25% off of your subscription!

In conclusion...

Even though it may take some time and work getting a new puppy is an amazing experience full of new love and excitement. We are so excited for you and your furry friend and hope that you start your time together off right.


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